Perhaps you haven’t heard Gino coffee grinder as much as Mazzer, Macap, or some other renowned brands and you can hardly find its review from the internet as well.  Basically you’re not alone, Gino coffee grinder including espresso machine are manufactured by Taiwan company, Gino Creation Ltd. Different from other company, Gino only produce one type which we will be seeing its performance in this post. Thanks to Toffin Product for sending me this machine and here it is, Gino Coffee Grinder.

Weeks with Gino has reminded me how similar its look with Mazzer Super Jolly. While Mazzer has enjoyed highest mark in coffee grinder arena for its built quality and performance, Gino is sitting quietly especially in Indonesian coffee market. Gino has an impressive looks, materials, and even its commercial weight. The build quality is good, sturdy metal from top to bottom and important thing it can deliver consistent grind for espresso. Stepless adjustment is easy with visible indicator. The only reservation was on coffee chute extension tube which has little effect in avoiding left side coffee drop.

Well, this is not a very depth review, but I’m very pleased with Gino, either for commercial use or for domestic use.

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    This commercial Bunn burr grinder is a total luxury and I love it. It’s made of heavy stainless steel and the dual hopper is made of thick polycarbonate with a stainless steel lid. Each hopper will hold about 6 pounds of coffee beans so you can have 2 flavors ready to grind in an instant. The power switch on the front also selects which hopper to grind from. It features flexible stainless rails under the grinder which allow you to slide your brewer basket (with the paper filter in place) in and the coffee is ground directly into the basket! There are 2 access panels on the front which let you adjust the grind (super fine to coarse) and the amount of coffee ground each time. For me, this grinder and my Bunn commercial brewer make me feel spoiled and pampered every time I use them. Some people like cars or diamonds or big screen TVs – I love a great cup of coffee!

  2. Indra
    Indra says:

    You said it’s quick, how many seconds it take to grind 20 gram dose? For Mini is around 10seconds, Super Jolly is +/- 7seconds.
    Is it possible to add photo of its burr, please?
    Because it’s RPM and burr size doesn’t add up to the fact, so maybe the geometry is the factor, just guessing.

    Just an idea maybe you have session to compare grind result of all the grinder you have side by side. From the photo the grind isn’t as fluffy as from the Mini, or maybe it just my eyes 😉

    BTW if you are going to keep this grinder you could try the to rotate PF handle while grinding so you get more even distribution.

    Thanks, Pak Toni.

    Hi Pak Indra, good catch. The speed of Gino to grind 20gr is about 11 seconds, is quite similar with Mini. This is a very preliminary look and few trials at the grinder, and no means is a conclusive. Perhaps I shall make a separate post about grinders performance and shall ask permission from the distributor to take the burr picture. I love this grinder, so will keep this as my toy, and thanks for the tip 🙂

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