There were times when a place for coffee hang out doesn’t have to look extravagant with fancy lighting for soothing ambient, comfy couch, and some artificial smile from their waiter. It doesn’t meant I don’t like them, I do enjoy fancy cafe and many of surrounding establishments in Jakarta serve great cup of coffee and excellent services. However, modern cafe usually limited to Italian coffee style and beautifying drinks like frappe family and most importantly lack of local touch. I grew up with a strong kopi tubruk culture, a simple pour of hot water and spoon of black coffee with or without sugar. A down to earth coffeeing fashion  and become a loyal companion for friendly chit-chat or just an antidote to stay awake all night due to neighborhood patrol rotation. So let me share my recent caffeing in Koffiedoeloe, at Jl. Pejompongan Raya #1, nearby famous satay stall.

My coffee time here was recommended by friend of mine Ve Handojo, a gifted travel writer, one of his favorite place for his caffeine madness. I went there during few days back and browsing their coffee menu which interesting to see many single origin coffees, from North Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi and  … this one become my favorite was Kopi Sedoeh Rempah, literaly means coffee with spices. Usually this traditional coffee consists of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, which will flavoring coffee with unrivaled taste, but remain balance and pleasant mix. I also had a chance to taste Sipirok coffee, a region in North Sumtra that seldom heard in my coffee vocabulary, it has a unique taste and worth to try.

That evening with quite heavy downpour In Jakarta, I sat alone with two cups of hot coffee accompanied with banana fritters, simply an awe-inspiring experience surrounding by 70s interior design. I rarely recommend cafe for the readers, but this time, as long as their serve fresh coffee, Koffiedoeloe is an interesting place for you to enjoy Java.

My best.

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  1. Imelda
    Imelda says:

    Sudah tutup, Pak. Mereka sekarang pindah ke Jalan Cirendeu Raya no 72. Belum pernah ke sana karena jauh

  2. HK
    HK says:

    The Sipirok was my first bet when i went there a couple of week ago. It’ll be better if they grind the bean a little bit coarser for ‘kopi tubruk’. For next visit, give their ‘nasi bakar ikan peda’ a try.

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