I thought you might be interested with Filtre Belgique, a coffee brewing tool made by Bodum, a German company. The Belgique was bought in Singapore for S$30 to try at home and adding my coffee brewing collection.  I always love Bodum’s products for their highest quality and material and become their loyal customer since I own its French Press. Let’s cut a cheese, and see my experiment with Belgique, which I found quite interesting, although French Press is remain one of my favorite coffee maker.

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  1. Galih
    Galih says:

    @Dear Pak Wahyu..
    boleh tau dimana mendapatkan Bodum Belgique-nya?
    berapa harganya?
    apa bisa titip, pak? 🙂

  2. Wahyu EA
    Wahyu EA says:

    Dear Pak Toni,
    Saya barusan dapat Bodum Belgique, ada kenikmatan tersendiri ketika membuat kopi dengan cara ini…. Mungkin menunggu-nya yang butuh kesabaran itulah memberi sugesti Nikmat ketika kopi diseruput….. Salam.

  3. therry
    therry says:

    This is so going to be my birthday present!!! But not this one, the French Press one that u showed me the other day 🙂

    Yay, Bodum or Alessi, my favorite brands for their high quality.

  4. luvkatz
    luvkatz says:

    Ah, I got one of those drip filter by Bodum. Similar to Belgique but it’s the older version I suppose. I bought it at Starbucks and suprisingly they sold it cheaper than Metro 🙂

    Bodum price tag is also cheaper than Metro …

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