Frothing milk is always tricky and need constant practices to master the art, one of the most challenging part in barista job. I don’t know how many gallons milk I have spent just to create a delightful and creamy texture, which remain below the standard. One day,

I was seating at the corner of a big cafe in Jakarta when suddenly a noisy froth heard at the bar. To my surprise, the barista still continue frothing the milk even the sound like an old locomotive horn. He should have known the proper technique and stop serving the customers to learn the proper forth technique.

So, I was thrilled to see Attento Thermometer from Espresso Gear, a new device to see the milk temperature during the froth. I tried this and saw that Attento reacts instantly to the temperature changes in the milk jug.

All you have to do is stick the Attento sticker to the milk jug in a visible manner or not too far from your visibility, one of the shortcoming.According to the distributor here, you may be able to wash and continue using this product for years, but do not pour the boiling water due to maximum level of temperature is 75 degree Celsius/167F.

The price is IDR 165.000/piece for end users at Esperto Barista Course, Jakarta, Phone : (021) 57931719.

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