Introducing, Mukka Express from Bialetti after Brikka, which has been reviewed in my previous post. This fun coffee equipment with cow pattern is supplied by PT Auto Accindo Jaya, its distributor in Indonesia, thanks Pak Henry Ng. You may find Mukka with speckled version of cow pattern in various major supermarkets in Jakarta such as Pacific Place, Metro Senaya, Pondok Indah Mall, and Kem Chicks with the price tag IDR 1.2 million. Mukka is the newest creation from Bialetti  an Italian company that made Brikka, known for their high quality products and beautiful design.  Different from Brikka that can only make coffee with creamy froth, Mukka makes latte and cappuccino with their unique patented aerator system. The idea of Mukka is intended for people who want to simplify in making a decent latte/cappuccino without a need to buy an expensive espresso machine. It’s easy to use and clean, and can make maximum of two cups serving or about 440ml. Below are the pictures from my kitchen during my test with Mukka Express and hopefully can deliver the message better than my words.

Note : For latte, you need to fill the water up to safety inspection valve.

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  1. golda
    golda says:

    saya udah coba, tapi rasa kopinya sedikit sekali (lebih banyak rasa susunya). *bingung* padahal udah pakai kopi factory grinded.

  2. therry
    therry says:

    1.2 million? OMG 😛 but I am tempted!

    Come to my home with your two dearest and let’s have some test on Brikka. 🙂

  3. Mas Ray
    Mas Ray says:

    I don’t have a Mukka Express, but I think buying this just to make espresso is a bit pointless. Why not just get the Moka or the Brikka and use the extra money to buy some good quality coffee 🙂 ?

    For Bialetti, I only own a Brikka but in my humble opinion it makes a very good cup of coffee with crema.

    Just sharing from a Brikka fan 😀

  4. prast
    prast says:

    Mas Tony, is it possible to enjoy espresso only with mukka express? if yes, have you compare the result against brika?

    Compare to espresso machine, Brikka has lighter body with thin crema. It would be nice for people who enjoy this kind of coffee, but again it’s like comparing apple with carrot.

  5. budiman
    budiman says:

    Yummmmmy. Brika & now Muka. What a joyful offer from Bialetti. Nice pictures. 1,2 millions?Hmmm

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