It has been two years typing caffeine in my blog and delighted to mark the this endless journey of with a very special commemoration post reminiscing about 2 years that have passed. It is just a small reflection when I am started creating my coffee blog just to  share my coffee passion and personal experiences. All in all, I’m thrilled with all of the milestones, some achievements with a deep gratitude that I generate a lot of kind people in coffee business. Again, thank you for your generosity, trust and continue reading the journey of I am not gonna promises anything, just enjoy my days ahead with a great, great cup of Java. Salute to you all.

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  1. Bisma
    Bisma says:

    Selamat Mas Toni utk ultah Cikopi-nya. Penyajian tulisan Mas Toni enak dibaca. Lebih kaya cerita daripada buku manual padahal materinya sebenarnya serius. Tapi yg lebih yahud lagi emang foto2nya sih.

    Salam dari Houston

    Hi Bisma, thanks a lot ya …

  2. chris
    chris says:

    selamat pak,
    Tulisannya sangat menarik dan fotonya sangat berbicara…bahkan tidak semua photografer menguasai teknik lo-key seperti yang sering terlihat di serial unboxing..always be my favorite.

    sukses selalu

    Pak Chris, perhaps I would have become a coffee roaster, if I had met with you earlier. Thanks for encouraging comment and I shall continue polishing my photography skills.

  3. Tuti H Mochtar
    Tuti H Mochtar says:

    Congratulations pak Toni……
    membaca ‘cikopi’ selalu menemukan sesuatu yang baru…. two thumbs up.

    Bu Tuti, coming from you, it’s mean much … Thanks a lot.

  4. Henry
    Henry says:

    Selamat Pak Toni dan selamat ultah Cikopi! Mudah2an terus mantap foto2nya.

    Terima kasih pak Henry, sukses dengan produk Bialetti-nya.

  5. Albert G.
    Albert G. says:

    Mas Tony,

    congratulations on reaching the 2nd year of cikopi! your writing and photography is as good as ever, and seems like you’ve been busier with more excellent posts popping out regularly.

    just wanted to say a big thanks for all the info that you’ve shared and inspiring me to enjoy and learn more about coffee.

    Pak Albert, thanks so much too … we haven’t had a chance to meet, but I promise someday we’ll have a chat about our passion, coffee and photography.

  6. mirza
    mirza says:

    Mas Tony, there’s no best quality in specialty coffee, because all specialty coffee has their own quality. But in specialty coffee blogger there is only one best blogger and it is you….two thumbs up..

    Mirza, thanks for your kind words and looking forward to continuing our partnership and friendship.

  7. HK
    HK says:

    Been 2 years since the first coffee maniacs gathering in Jakarta and so many things you have achieved with this brewtiful blog. Congratulation and keep on brewing 🙂

    If we had not met during the coffee gathering, the blog would have different story. Thanks for supporting this blog pak.

  8. Charles
    Charles says:

    Pak Toni, you reworked your kitchen?

    I see that the kitchen looks absolutely better than before.

    Another milestones of Cikopi

    Yes pak Charles, for the love of coffee,the kitchen has been remodeled, modestly though.

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