These were the days when top baristas from Asian countries showing-off their coffee making skills in front of six accredited judges who will scrutinize their techniques, taste, and overall performances. The two days event were held at Singapore Expo in conjunction with 12th Food & Hotel Exhibition on April 21-22 and I had the privilege to witness their artistic sentiment combined with passion to serve only the best espresso, cappuccino, and signature drink of their choice.  The center stage was full of supporters and cheers, right after the introduction of the contenders by Carl Sara, the MC for this event. Enjoy the pictures captured from this prestigious event …

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  1. Dony Alfan
    Dony Alfan says:

    Para master berkumpul di satu tempat, benar2 acara yang superb!
    Btw, kalo boleh tahu, ke Sin bawa lensa apa aja, mas? 😀

    Ini daftarnya : 10-22, 17-40, 24-70, 60, sampe 70-200 … pegel nenteng tas nya.

  2. Sam rozario
    Sam rozario says:

    Hi Toni this is sam from india great job,if you could upload my photo in it will be great.

  3. Brent Williams
    Brent Williams says:

    Hi Toni,

    Excellent event made better with your exquisite photography.

    The event was made by the fantastic hospitality throughout the whole week from the locals.

    See you there next year….

  4. dman
    dman says:

    Mangstabh liputannya pak Toni.
    Akhirnya Asia Barista Championship 2010 di menangkan oleh orang Asia sendiri :thumbup::thumbup:

  5. therry
    therry says:

    The whole dome must’ve smelled coffeelicious 😉

    Too bad there were no Indonesian winners, perhaps next time? Btw that Japanese barista was very cute 🙂

  6. Teddy (Coffee Kid)
    Teddy (Coffee Kid) says:

    It is nice to see nice pictures of an event that I was also attending..
    It was also a pleasure for me to have an initial encounter with lots of coffee player in Asia, as well as the founder of this blog, Mr.Tony Wahid himself..=>

    I can say that all the Baristas were doing magnificent and entertaining artwork…

    well, hopefully I would be able to attend the upcoming Barista championship again (it’s gonna be for the World level, ain’t it right?)…

    Coffee Kid..out…=>

  7. Franky
    Franky says:

    waduh express benar beritanya….TOP bener….sampai2 kaya balik ke dalam suasananya lagi tuch hahahahahahaha

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