Sebuah hajatan atas usia yang ke-5 yang berlangsung di Getback Coffee, komplek pertokoan ITC Dutamas Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan. Dimeriahkan oleh Beben Jazz + Nana Lee serta dihadiri oleh para sahabat dan pelaku industri kopi.
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A Five Year Celebration of Love Affair (June 2012)

Rolling back the time tunnel… This month, 5 years ago I started something which I never knew would be: my love affair with coffee. Unlike most affairs, this is the affair which gives me enormous pressure when shared with other coffee lovers.

Each time I sat in front of my 5-year old iMac accompanied by fine coffee and its partner in crime- cigarette – I find my own little heaven. It is in this heaven that more than 500 articles have been born. All are nothing, but about my love affairs with coffee of which, many are those from the un exposed corners of Indonesia and a few corners of the world. All tell me the same thing; Indonesians deserve the finest coffee regardless of how we brew it.

It takes a significant portion of my energy to update this blog. It takes time to interview, edit photos and write this blog. It is your inputs and comments that keeps my passion high. Dear and near to me are those coffee farmers who have been writing thank you notes to me. You all keep me going

I am not under illusion to even think that my blog become your main reference for the topic. There are many maestro who have all credentials in the area. I simply wish that you allow me to share my personal experience and hope you may benefit or at least can have fun reading it.

Coffee and my affair with it have been in many ways a source of inspiration to me. I am sure it does the same magic to many of you.

Thank you for all the support and critique. Without you all, cikopi would not have survived its love affair.

Five years have passed, many years more to cherish this affair.

Five years, brewing and kicking.

Toni Wahid
Founder of